Project ManagementInitiated Nepali Community Center in San Francisco Bay Area which resulted in making it apractical reality, raised over $375,00.00 Us dollars and made environment to buy property worth over a million dollars. Initiated and led WANA/NAGC Community center and emergency shelter in the earthquake hit Solukhumbu of Nepal. Donated land worth over 15 lakhs Nepali Rs and leading this project worth around 40 Lakhs Nepali Rs. The project is now taking shape partnering with West America Nepali Association (WANA) and Nepal Association for Global Cooperation(NAGC)

Human Resources Spearheaded new team of volunteers in USA and Nepal to carry out the projects initiated by organizations he is leading Operations Management: Managed Nepal Night Cultural show, Historical Mahajatra attended by the largest audience in Bay Area, grand picnics attended by over 1000 people and many more. Handled all functions related to , periodical and annual projects related to NANC, NCC, NPRCA, WANA NAGC, and more.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 01/2015 to Current President-West America Nepali Association (WANA) - Martinez, CA Consolidated the organization WANA that represents 13 states in West America. Is leading its project WANA NAGC Community Center in Solukhumbu, Nepal. Organized symposeums, workshops and seminars promoting joint venture and Nepali unity in West America and beyond. 01/2013 to 12/2015 President-Nepali Association of Northern California - San Francisco, CA Represented around 25,000 Nepalese origin people in Northern California, undertook all annual programs launched by the organization including Nepal Night with exclusive cultural show, New Year picnic, sports, emergency relief, helped hundreds of Nepalese including managing funerals of more than dozen individuals. Was recognized for being one of the most successful presidents of this organization. 01/2013 to Current President/Coordinator Nepali Community Center - San Francisco, CA Pioneered the concept of Nepali Community Center and became the top donor donating $25,000.00 (US dollars) for the project. Led fund raising efforts that has now raised almost $375,000.00. has represented over 30 Nepali organizations participating in this ambitious project. Gained trust from all generations of the Nepalese Americans and friends of Nepal in this project and almost accomplished this mission and preparing to buy $1.4 Million worth of property coordinating organizations, donors and guarantors to make this common dream a practical reality. 12/2015 to Current Central Advisor Nepali Public Relation Committee America - Dallas, TX Is playing pivotal role as an active adviser of the president NPRCA and its central Committee. Participated almost all programs launched by this organization in strengthening democratic norms and values in Nepali America, Nepal and beyond. Has been recognized for his exclusive contributions for democracy, human rights and emergency majors. Global Adviser-Nepal Association for Global Cooperation (NAGC) Advised and played key role to carry out norms and values of NAGC in Nepal, America, Middle East and beyond, Has initiated and led WANA NAGC partnership in fundraising, and rebuilding Nepal including WANA NAGC Community Center in Solukhumbu, Nepal. Coordinator of Emergency Relief Fund (ERF) Initiated Fundraising effort, raised and distributed more than 30 lakhs worth of goods and services in over 12 hard hit districts of earthquake shattered Nepal. Wide media coverage including Kantipur, Sagarmatha TV and more